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We listen to businesses and individuals. Then we advise on how to use utility patents, design patents, registered designs, design rights, trade secrets and trade marks to protect value in products, processes and inventions.

Patents and Designs and Trade Secrets

These protect invention owners.  Protection covers products, processes and appearance.  Fields of invention include advanced materials, avionics, electronics, or methods using computers, mechanical machinery, food processing, clothing apparel, and fashion items.

A patent and a registered design give their owner a monopoly over the invention. The monopoly is limited to the territory of the patent office which grants it, for example the United States Patent Office, the United Kingdom Patent Office, and the European Patent Office.

Trade Marks

These distinguish goods and services of the owner from good and services of others. They enhance value of an enterprise. Usually they are names or symbols. Less commonly they are sounds or another means to identify goods and services of the owner.

Legal Agreements which relate to Inventions

These enhance value of inventions. Agreements include non-disclosure agreements, patent and registered design assignments, product design service contracts, and licence agreements. Sale or acquisition of a business may include a review and analysis of these agreements.

Intellectual property rights enforcement is usually intertwined with legal agreements between owner and user. Although rights can be enforced by a court, border control officer, or special agency of law enforcement, a better solution may be by negotiation.


Over ten years full time professional experience in intellectual property including patents, designs and trade marks. Qualified to practice as a professional representative before the United States Patent Office, European Patent Office and United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office.  A professional engineer in the USA and chartered engineer in the UK.


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