Patents protect working features of an invention and materials from which it is made.  They also protect processes.   A patent attorney conducts matters on legal protection for inventions.  We advise on whether a patent or another instrument might effectively protect a specific invention.  We draft patent applications.   To get patents granted we negotiate with Examiners at the Patent Office.  When asked, we may take advantage of weaknesses in patents.  A patent attorney advises when a patent may be infringed or could provide royalties.

Inventions we have Patented

Metallurgy and Mechanics

Alloys, Apparel; Bags; Brick laying devicesFlood Walls; Heating and Refrigeration systems; Health Care devices; Wind turbine machines and a variety of Processes.  

Computer and Electronics

Controls for automotive steering; Circuits for filtering signals; Electromagnetic machines; Systems with sensors for force, heat and vibration.

Please contact us to discuss your patenting your invention.

Trade Secrets and Public Disclosures

If an inventor or other person publishes or publicly discloses an invention, we can advise on whether the invention could or should still be patented.  We also review and prepare search reports of public disclosures.

As patent offices exclude some types of inventions from being patented, we can advise on whether copyright, database right, or design right may be effective and pros and cons of keeping an invention a trade secret.  For further consideration, please contact us.

Who We Work For

Persons and businesses who require a professional representative at a patent office of the UK, the USA, the European patent organisation or the World intellectual property organisation. 

Who We Work With

To secure patents in other countries, we have built relationships with Associates qualified around the world from years of working with them.  Especially for those in the USA, we work closely with Carson_Patents, a qualified USA based patent agent.