A registered design, a design patent and a design right concerns product appearance.  So we advise whether visual hallmarks may be registered or patented.  We use expertly prepared drawings to present the appearance of products according to official standards.     

Some rights in appearance of products, jewelry, illustrations, fabric, architecture and so forth may be protected automatically by design right or copyright.  Some rights may be short lived, though still provide the right holder with a jump start over others.  Whereas others may be long lived and optionally registered.

UK registered designs, international design applications, and Unites States design patents are within our expertise.

Please contact us for assistance with registered designs, design patents, design rights and copyrights.

Who We Work For

We act for product creators, makers, sellers and users concerned with a product appearance.  Furthermore we advise people who commission or employ a designer.  They may be concerned about ownership and infringement of UK registered designs and unregistered design rights.

Our service is as a professional representative directly before the UK Design Registry, the United States Design Patent Office and the World intellectual property organisation.  We also have a network of Associates around the world to obtain protection for designs in other countries.

Please contact us about protection for the appearance of products.